Change in osmo-bsc[master]: don't remove socket path in rf_create_socket()

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Mon Nov 19 11:41:54 UTC 2018

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Change subject: don't remove socket path in rf_create_socket()

Patch Set 4:

> Patch Set 4:
> How do tests fail? Why not fixing the tests instead of removing unlink()?

OK I have figured out what the test is doing.

The problem is that unlink fails if the socket path does not yet exist.
So we will probably need to catch ENOENT and ignore it.

stsp at fintan:~/osmo/osmo-bsc$ osmo-bsc -r tmp_dummy_sock -c doc/examples/osmo-bsc/osmo-bsc.cfg 
logging level cc (debug|info|notice|error|fatal)
logging level mgcp (debug|info|notice|error|fatal)
% dyn_ts_allow_tch_f is deprecated, rather use msc/codec-list to pick codecs
T3212 = 5 * 6min (Periodic Location Update timer, sent to MS (1 = 6 minutes))
<0013> telnet_interface.c:104 Available via telnet 4242
<0015> input/ipaccess.c:844 enabling ipaccess BSC mode on with OML 3002 and RSL 3003 TCP ports
<001a> control_if.c:911 CTRL at 4249
<0015> bsc_rf_ctrl.c:460 Could not unlink socket path tmp_dummy_sock: 2/No such file or directory
Failed to create the RF service.

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