Change in osmo-bts[master]: bts: Allocate TRX for BTS dynamically, deprecate -t

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Mon Nov 12 15:50:59 UTC 2018

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Change subject: bts: Allocate TRX for BTS dynamically, deprecate -t

bts: Allocate TRX for BTS dynamically, deprecate -t

No need to pass -t num_trx anymore to specify number of TRX to use. It
is calculated based on dynamic allocation from VTY config.
Using parameter -t is flagged as deprecated and is transformed into a
NOOP por backward compatibility.

As a result, TRX now are allocated after the BTS is allocated and
initial config (pre-VTY) is applied.
A new function bts_trx_init() is added, to set default config on each
TRX during allocation and before setting VTY config on it.
A new per BTS model function bts_model_trx_init() is added, to allow
per model specific default configuration of each TRX.

Change-Id: Iab1a754ab12a626759f9f90aa66f87bdce65ac9c
M include/osmo-bts/bts.h
M include/osmo-bts/bts_model.h
M src/common/bts.c
M src/common/main.c
M src/common/vty.c
M src/osmo-bts-litecell15/main.c
M src/osmo-bts-oc2g/main.c
M src/osmo-bts-octphy/l1_if.c
M src/osmo-bts-omldummy/bts_model.c
M src/osmo-bts-sysmo/main.c
M src/osmo-bts-trx/main.c
M src/osmo-bts-virtual/main.c
M tests/handover/handover_test.c
M tests/meas/meas_test.c
M tests/stubs.c
M tests/sysmobts/sysmobts_test.c
16 files changed, 119 insertions(+), 61 deletions(-)

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