Change in osmo-bsc[master]: LCLS: explicitly check for mode before closing the loop

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Mon Nov 5 03:02:37 UTC 2018

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Change subject: LCLS: explicitly check for mode before closing the loop

Patch Set 1: Code-Review-1

Commit Message:
PS1, Line 10: * explicitly check for MGW mode before closing the loop via MGCP MDCX
I don't see how these two changes end up in the same patch. Please separate orthogonal changes, especially when it's logging tweaks vs. functional changes
File include/osmocom/bsc/bsc_msc_data.h:
PS1, Line 62: extern const struct value_string bsc_lcls_mode_names[];
at some point we agreed to always add something like this:

  static inline const char *bsc_lcls_mode_name(enum bsc_lcls_mode val)
  { return get_value_string(...); }
File src/osmo-bsc/gsm_data.c:
PS1, Line 53: 	{ 0, NULL }
(possible to just write '{}' in the last line)
File src/osmo-bsc/osmo_bsc_lcls.c:
PS1, Line 243: 		get_value_string(bsc_lcls_mode_names, conn->sccp.msc->lcls_mode));
this and the others below get shorter with bsc_lcls_mode_name().
PS1, Line 252: 		struct mgcp_conn_peer mdcx_info = (struct mgcp_conn_peer){
> whitespace missing before {
This is a struct initializer, so I'd favor Max's formatting choice: not place a space. Compare:

  990:		*dst = (struct gsm0808_cell_id_list2){
  996:	*dst = (struct gsm0808_cell_id_list2){

and various others

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