osmo-trx[master]: Add initial support for logging, vty, ctrl

Harald Welte gerrit-no-reply at lists.osmocom.org
Wed Feb 21 11:57:47 UTC 2018

Patch Set 4:


Commit Message:

Line 12: Depends on libosmocore Change-Id Ib79cdb62d45d8c78445c7b064e58eb7e9faeccf9
Related: OS#2184

File CommonLibs/debug.c:

Line 9: 		.description = "Transciever",
_ei_ not _ie_ because its receiver, not reciever and "Transceiver" is from Transmitter + Receiver.

File CommonLibs/debug.h:

Line 7: 	DTRX,
I'm honestly not sure if it makes sense to start a category with this name.  The program is called "OsmoTRX/Trnsceiver", it implements one or multiple GSM TRXs, but then only the lower layers of it.  What exactly wold go in here?

I think it makes sense to straight ahead add meaningful categories for idividual code sub-sections.  And if you must add a global one, I would simply call it DMAIN or DGLOBAL or DMISC or whatever...

File CommonLibs/trx_vty.c:

Line 138: 	"Copyright (C) 2013 Thomas Tsou <tom at tsou.cc>\r\n"
I think this should state all major copyright holders. Doing some research on the Copyright statements in the source, there is:
* Ettus
* Tom Tsou
* sysmocom

I guess we can leave out the folling names:
* Range (only GSMCommon.cpp that is *very* small, and Logger.cpp, which we will no longer use?)
* Kestrel (only in LogTest.cpp, which is not part of the binary program that prints the above message
* Alexander Chemersi (only copyright claim is in PRBSTest.cpp, whcih is also not part of the osmo-trx binary)

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