osmocom-bb[jolly/testing]: transceiver: Fix RSP SETSLOT format

Pau Espin Pedrol gerrit-no-reply at lists.osmocom.org
Wed Feb 14 12:24:44 UTC 2018

Patch Set 1:

Jenkins Builder failed because it's an old branch which has no jenkins.sh script, but the this trx feature doesn't seem to be available in master yet.

roox, can you test it with your env and Verify+1 it?

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Gerrit-MessageType: comment
Gerrit-Change-Id: I63c81155c84fc35cff1704734fd8d2732235c5a4
Gerrit-PatchSet: 1
Gerrit-Project: osmocom-bb
Gerrit-Branch: jolly/testing
Gerrit-Owner: Pau Espin Pedrol <pespin at sysmocom.de>
Gerrit-Reviewer: Jenkins Builder
Gerrit-Reviewer: Pau Espin Pedrol <pespin at sysmocom.de>
Gerrit-Reviewer: roox <mardnh at gmx.de>
Gerrit-HasComments: No

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