osmo-msc[master]: Fix VLR test macro

daniel gerrit-no-reply at lists.osmocom.org
Tue Feb 6 18:00:16 UTC 2018

Patch Set 3: Code-Review-1


I'd be in favor of keeping the macro, but adding another parameter to it.

File tests/msc_vlr/msc_vlr_test_rest.c:

Line 26: void test_early_stage(const char *imsi)
This doesn't seem to belong here

File tests/msc_vlr/msc_vlr_tests.c:

Line 196: 	accepted = msc_subscr_conn_is_accepted(conn);
There are no more asserts in this function which means the test might not reliably fail. Having a macro insert the assert into the actual test function also helps with debugging where exactly a test case failed.

File tests/msc_vlr/msc_vlr_tests.h:

Line 147
Instead of converting the macro to a function you can just add a parameter for g_conn here

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