libosmocore[master]: gb: optionally allow nsip packets only from a specific host

Neels Hofmeyr gerrit-no-reply at
Mon Oct 23 15:00:32 UTC 2017

Patch Set 2:

one step back from the release process discussion, which we should probably have been doing on openbsc@ anyway, back to this patch:

The only API/ABI break here is adding struct members, and that is only a breaking change because we have a nested struct. What would it take to make this commit *not* break compatibility in the first place?

  struct gprs_ns_inst {
  	/*! NS-over-IP specific bits */
  	struct {
  		struct osmo_fd fd;
  		uint32_t local_ip;
  		uint16_t local_port;
  		int dscp;
  +               /* see also .nsip2 */
  	} nsip;
  	/*! NS-over-FR-over-GRE-over-IP specific bits */
  	struct {
  		struct osmo_fd fd;
  		uint32_t local_ip;
  		unsigned int enabled:1;
  	} frgre;
  +	struct {
  +		uint32_t remote_ip;
  +		uint16_t remote_port;
  +	} nsip2;

Kind of similar to adding new signature to existing API functions. The end result is not particularly beautiful, but we'd not break API.

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