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common/vty: "programs should not use the telnet VTY"

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--- a/common/chapters/vty.adoc
+++ b/common/chapters/vty.adoc
@@ -1,9 +1,17 @@
 == The Osmocom VTY Interface
-All interaction with Osmocom software is typically performed via an
+All human interaction with Osmocom software is typically performed via an
 interactive command-line interface called the _VTY_.
+NOTE: Integration of your programs and scripts should *not* be done via the
+telnet VTY interface, which is intended for human interaction only: the VTY
+responses may arbitrarily change in ways obvious to humans, while your scripts'
+parsing will likely break often. For external software to interact with Osmocom
+programs (besides using the dedicated protocols), it is strongly recommended to
+use the Control interface instead of the VTY, and to actively request /
+implement the Control interface commands as required for your use case.
 The Osmocom VTY is used to
 * explore the current status of the system, including its configuration

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