[MERGED] osmo-bts[master]: octphy VTY: fix vty write output for octphy's phy section

Neels Hofmeyr gerrit-no-reply at lists.osmocom.org
Tue Jan 31 10:39:58 UTC 2017

Neels Hofmeyr has submitted this change and it was merged.

Change subject: octphy VTY: fix vty write output for octphy's phy section

octphy VTY: fix vty write output for octphy's phy section

Fix invalid configuration generated by VTY 'write' command for the 'phy'
section of osmo-bts-octphy.

The problem was introduced during refactoring
commit d784e50747b8cf0ce505489e1451f75be5ccbd4b (Sat Jan 9 13:13:37
2016 +0100, "Introduce new phy_link and phy_instance abstraction")

Change-Id: Ib018e07e332aa8a6144fb2d87889032bd5fc2533
M src/osmo-bts-octphy/octphy_vty.c
1 file changed, 7 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)

  Neels Hofmeyr: Looks good to me, approved
  Jenkins Builder: Verified

diff --git a/src/osmo-bts-octphy/octphy_vty.c b/src/osmo-bts-octphy/octphy_vty.c
index e134fc5..d2dd8a6 100644
--- a/src/osmo-bts-octphy/octphy_vty.c
+++ b/src/osmo-bts-octphy/octphy_vty.c
@@ -200,10 +200,10 @@
 void bts_model_config_write_phy(struct vty *vty, struct phy_link *plink)
 	if (plink->u.octphy.netdev_name)
-		vty_out(vty, " netdev %s%s", plink->u.octphy.netdev_name,
+		vty_out(vty, " octphy net-device %s%s",
+			plink->u.octphy.netdev_name, VTY_NEWLINE);
-	vty_out(vty, " hw-addr %02x:%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x%s",
+	vty_out(vty, " octphy hw-addr %02x:%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x%s",
@@ -211,16 +211,16 @@
-	vty_out(vty, "  rx-gain %u%s", plink->u.octphy.rx_gain_db,
+	vty_out(vty, " octphy rx-gain %u%s", plink->u.octphy.rx_gain_db,
 	if (plink->u.octphy.tx_atten_flag) {
-		vty_out(vty, "  tx-attenuation %u%s",
+		vty_out(vty, " octphy tx-attenuation %u%s",
 			plink->u.octphy.tx_atten_db, VTY_NEWLINE);
 	} else
-		vty_out(vty, "  tx-attenuation oml%s", VTY_NEWLINE);
+		vty_out(vty, " octphy tx-attenuation oml%s", VTY_NEWLINE);
-	vty_out(vty, "  rf-port-index %u%s", plink->u.octphy.rf_port_index,
+	vty_out(vty, " octphy rf-port-index %u%s", plink->u.octphy.rf_port_index,

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