libosmocore[master]: logging: remove code duplication

Neels Hofmeyr gerrit-no-reply at
Thu Jan 12 21:59:03 UTC 2017

Patch Set 1: Code-Review-1


nice, it seems DEBUGP so far didn't take advantage of early exiting to prevent performance loss when debug level is not enabled? Excellent catch!

two minor details...
File include/osmocom/core/logging.h:

Line 39: 	LOGPSRC(ss, level, NULL, 0, fmt, ## args)
why move this around? IMHO its place above LOGPC makes more sense than below.
File src/logging.c:

Line 434
We should probably keep this implementation around for backwards compat with binary code built with old DEBUGP macros ... until when, the next major release? forever?

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