[PATCH] osmo-bts[master]: RSL: Fixup for CID 159534 Null pointer dereferences (REVERSE...

dexter gerrit-no-reply at lists.osmocom.org
Tue Jan 10 09:46:33 UTC 2017

Hello Neels Hofmeyr, Jenkins Builder,

I'd like you to reexamine a change.  Please visit


to look at the new patch set (#3).

RSL: Fixup for CID 159534 Null pointer dereferences (REVERSE_INULL)

rsl_rx_paging_cmd() checks if the pointer *trx is NULL, this check
does not make much sense since *trx has already been dereferenced
without checking earlier in the code. Furthermore *trx is also a
mandatory parameter which must not be NULL.

Change-Id: I17dfb42ff404b2a1e18354fb7a7278089b407a79
M src/common/rsl.c
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

  git pull ssh://gerrit.osmocom.org:29418/osmo-bts refs/changes/44/1544/3

diff --git a/src/common/rsl.c b/src/common/rsl.c
index be1861c..41dd2ce 100644
--- a/src/common/rsl.c
+++ b/src/common/rsl.c
@@ -402,7 +402,7 @@
 				 identity_lv, chan_needed);
 	if (rc < 0) {
 		/* FIXME: notfiy the BSC on other errors? */
-		if (rc == -ENOSPC && trx)
+		if (rc == -ENOSPC)
 						 "BTS paging table is full\n");

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