libosmocore[master]: libosmocoding: migrate transcoding routines from OsmoBTS

Vadim Yanitskiy gerrit-no-reply at
Tue Jan 3 20:25:56 UTC 2017

Patch Set 9:

> Regarding your question: can we have both? I mean smth like "pdtch"
 > and "pdtch_punctured" and let application choose which one to use?

Hmm, let's see what others think about such approach.

I think since we already have punctured code definitions,
which correspond to the GSM 05.03 specification, it
would be better to keep them 'as is' and add non-punctured
equivalents named somehow like 'csX_non_punctured'.

Another (I hope, the last) question is where to place such
non-punctured definitions?

 - utils/ the common place for all code
   definitions, but I am not sure that non-punctured codes
   could be used somewhere else...

 - src/coding/gsm0503_coding.c: as static structures near
   the gsm0503_pdtch_{en/de}code. I prefer this place. 

	static const struct osmo_conv_code gsm0503_cs2_np = {
		.N = 2, .K = 5, .len = 290,
		.next_output = gsm0503_xcch.next_output,
		.next_state = gsm0503_xcch.next_state,

	static const struct osmo_conv_code gsm0503_cs3_np = {
		.N = 2, .K = 5, .len = 334,
		.next_output = gsm0503_xcch.next_output,
		.next_state = gsm0503_xcch.next_state,

Also, could someone please retrigger Jenkins? Thanks!

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