[PATCH] openggsn[master]: remove ChangeLog, it hasn't been updated since 2004

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Thu Feb 23 20:55:59 UTC 2017

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remove ChangeLog, it hasn't been updated since 2004

We have a detailed log in git instead.

Change-Id: I6a7fe97995b5f65080a04423fee77030dea26b84
D ChangeLog
1 file changed, 0 insertions(+), 142 deletions(-)

  git pull ssh://gerrit.osmocom.org:29418/openggsn refs/changes/87/1887/1

diff --git a/ChangeLog b/ChangeLog
deleted file mode 100644
index 3beba46..0000000
--- a/ChangeLog
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,142 +0,0 @@
-2004-12-30: Jens Jakobsen <jj at openggsn.org>
-        Initial MAC OS X support
-	Quality assurance and improved error logging
-	QoS length bug fix.
-2004-09-11: Jens Jakobsen <jj at openggsn.org>
-	Added selection mode option to sgsnemu.
-	Added charging characteristics option to sgsnemu.
-	Only include charging characteristics in create PDP context
-	request is if flags are set. (Thanks to Loic Bernable
-	<leto at vilya.org>).
-	PPP PCO length bug fix. (Thanks to Loic Bernable
-	<leto at vilya.org>).
-	IP pool hash table bugfix and improved logging.
-	Improved configure.in and Makefile.am for compilation under
-	Solaris. New config.sub and config.guess.
-2004-04-28: Jens Jakobsen <jj at openggsn.org>
-	Improved Solaris support. OpenGGSN now correctly initializes
-	tun/tap driver under Solaris. As a consequence the ggsn network
-	interface IP address is set to the network address plus one.
-	Added routing manipulation and IP address alias capability for
-	FreeBSD.
-2004-01-19: Jens Jakobsen <jj at openggsn.org>
-	Initial FreeBSD port (Thanks to	Pavel Andreev <pavel.andreev at hp.com>).
-	IMSI bugfix. The IMSI encoding used by create PDP context was
-	missing the leading '1111' to indicate that the 16'nd digit was
-	unused. (Thanks to Pavel Andreev <pavel.andreev at hp.com>).
-2004-01-15: Jens Jakobsen <jj at openggsn.org>
-	Added iptables firewall script.
-2004-01-14: Jens Jakobsen <jj at openggsn.org>
-	Changes to allow compilation under Solaris: u_int8_t changed to uint8_t
-	and tun api changed for sun platform (#ifdef).
-2004-01-09: Jens Jakobsen <jj at openggsn.org>
-	Fixed bug which included NSAPI in GTPv0 create PDP context messages.
-2003-11-10: Jens Jakobsen <jj at openggsn.org>
-	Added --net option for sgsnemu. Allow user to specify the network
-	address and mask of the local interface.
-	Added --gtpversion option for sgsnemu. Allow user to specify which
-	GTP version to use.
-	Added --nsapi option for sgsnemu. Allow user to specify which
-	NSAPI to use.
-	Changed the functionality for multiple contexts. Previously
-	contexts were differentiated by nsapi. This limited the number of
-	contexts to 16. Now each context is established with a new imsi
-	and msisdn.
-2003-10-22: Jens Jakobsen <jj at openggsn.org>
-	Support for GTP1. Currently without support for the secondary pdp
-	context activation procedure.
-	sgsnemu will first attempt to use GTP1. If that fails it will
-	proceed with GTP0.
-	Various gtplib API changes to allow support for GTP1.
-	gtplib now listens to 3 separate UDP ports: GTP0, GTP1 control
-	plane and GTP1 user plane. A socket for each port has to be
-	included in the application select loop.
-	gtplib now verifies that messages are valid for the particular
-	type of support node. As an example a received Create PDP Context
-	Request message is not allowed for an SGSN.
-	Standards compliance document.
-2003-07-07: Jens Jakobsen <jj at openggsn.org>
-	Added spec.in file for building binary RPM packages. Now openggsn
-	will install binaries, man pages as well as scripts.
-	Added ggsn and sgsnemu man pages
-	Added ggsn Sys V init script
-	Added bootstrap script for autotools automation
-2003-04-11: Jens Jakobsen <jj at openggsn.org>
-	Added -ggdb to gtp, sgsnemu and ggsn makefiles in order to include
-	debugging information.
-	Added ippool.c and ippool.h to ggsn. This allows for generic
-	allocation of dynamic ip addresses based on a <net>/<mask>
-	description of ip address space. The same files are also used in
-	sgsnemu, but only for hashing IP addresses. At the same time the
-	corresponding functionality is removed from pdp.c.
-	Added syserr.h and syserr.c to ggsn and sgsnemu. These files allow
-	writing to syslog with file name and line number. Later this
-	should also be introduced in gtp.
-	Added support for DNS protocol configuration options in ggsn for
-	create context response. This allow the MS to setup DNS
-	configuration correctly.
-	tun.c and tun.h have been updated to allow setting interface IP
-	addresses and routes by means of ioctl and netlink. This allow
-	sgsnemu to allocate an interface IP address for each context
-	established.
-2003-01-29: Jens Jakobsen <jj at openggsn.org>
-	Added -L../gtp to sgsnemu and ggsn makefiles so that make will
-	work without an installed libgtp.
-	Added sgsnemu check to check for valid pointer when deleting tun.
-	Removed enabling of ip_forward = 1 from ggsn.c and sgsnemu. From a
-	security point of view it was not very good that openggsn
-	automatically enabled routing.
-	Added ipup, ipdown and createif to sgsnemu/cmdline.ggo. Now
-	sgsnemu will set up default route and then execute ipup script
-	after tun device has been set up. After tun has been deleted the
-	ipdown script is executed.
-	Added support for ping to sgsnemu.
-	Added ipup and ipdown to ggsn/cmdline.ggo.

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