libosmocore[master]: gsm_04_08.h: add R99 MSCR and CBQ3 to SI3 Ctrl Chan Descr

Harald Welte gerrit-no-reply at
Thu Feb 23 13:57:20 UTC 2017

Patch Set 2: Code-Review+2

> > I'm not sure if it is worth keeping around the old r98 data
 > > structure under a separate name. nobody can so far be using it,
 > as
 > > the name with r98 suffix is new.  What's the rationale to keep
 > it?
 > I was trying to follow the _r98 / _r99 pattern seen further below
 > in the file. Besides the spare bits distribution, there are no
 > changes in r99, only additions, but I assume we would like to
 > reflect which is present in which revision. 

I think in case there are only additions, there's no need for an additional data type.  one can just put a comment there indicating the release of the specs introducing the element, if needed.

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