osmo-hlr[master]: Add CTRL interface

Neels Hofmeyr gerrit-no-reply at lists.osmocom.org
Mon Feb 20 12:49:55 UTC 2017

Patch Set 8: Code-Review-1


For my next birthday you can get me a T-shirt that says "That's too general" ;)

File src/gsup_server.h:

Line 30: 	struct ctrl_handle *ctrl;
I would prever to keep the CTRL and DB foo apart from the GSUP server. In openbsc, the GSUP client is also a pretty much standalone implementation. Can we add a global struct hlr_ctx instead, containing an osmo_gsup_server and the ctrl_ and db things alongside and separate, without too much effort? Would also be good to have that for possible future additions to OsmoHLR, which is now becoming more than just a GSUP server.

File src/hlr.c:

Line 301: 	printf("  -i --ctrl address          Set address to which Control Interface should be bound, defaults to\n");
better break in two lines to stay within 80.

IMHO '-i' for 'interface' is too general. I found that the only option letter from 'ctrl' that's still available across Osmocom programs would be '-R'. (osmo-trx already has a '-R' but it won't have a Ctrl interface.) Would you be fine with '-R' instead?

Line 308: 	const char *addr;
'addr' is too general. 'ctrl_bind_addr'?

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