[bbs-revival] Hi!

David Lutz kpanic at dostalgie.de
Tue Jun 1 19:38:03 UTC 2021


Has anyone tried fiddling around with sl-modemd yet?


I know, it's not free and uses binary blobs for the DSP part, but it's a 
full-fledged V.90 softmodem.

Theoretically shouldn't it be possible to modify the sources to not use 
ALSA for communicating with the AC97 "modem" hardware but to use an 
Asterisk channel instead?

I have fiddled around with asterisk-softmodem for quite some time now, 
(that's how I stumbled upon this mailing list while googling) and just 
can't get it to work properly.

My intentions were the same, being able to provide a couple of analog 
phone lines on vintage computing events for dialup to BBSes or PPP 
Internet access. I was pleased to find someone else apparently had the 
same idea :)


David Lutz

(Twitter: @kpanic)

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