[bbs-revival] Current size of Fidonet in Region 24

Ingo Jürgensmann ij at amigaxess.de
Fri Mar 29 09:07:22 UTC 2019

On 29.03.2019 09:52, Florian Lohoff wrote:

>> So, it’s a good moment to join Fidonet. There is everything available
>> to run Fido on a Linux/Unix box as well as on PC, like binkd, Husky,
>> OpenXP for Points, GoldEd+, etc… If you like, you can also still use
>> old modems to poll or use HotDogEd on Android.
> I used to be Florian_Lohoff at 2:2449/845 - While googling for it i found

I was 2:2449/413 and now I'm 2:2452/413... but network 2449 seems to be 
short before deletion, so feel free to join again and maybe we can save 
net 2449 from deletion. ;-)

> different Amiga binarys for TrapDoor and CNet :)
> e.g.: http://de3.aminet.net/comm/cnet/MMDel08.readme

I actually use Trapdoor on my A3000 with 2x Zyxel U-1496E+ modems on my 
Fritzbox. There should also a way to setup Trapdoor to use 
telserv.device so that you can use an IP connection instead, but I 
haven't figured out how to set it up correctly. This is on my todo list 
for this weekend... ;)

> How do others read/write mails? Is there a local gate possibility to
> use mutt/vim?

Not that I know of. Of course you could use ifmail to gate the message 
to inn2d or so. But for me the fun/joy is to use my old computers for 
this. Finally I want to have a my A3000 running my Fidonet node and my 
BBS (incl. full Aminet mirror (I'm operating de6.aminet.net)), using 
MailManager, Trapdoor or GMS-Mailer and either Excelsior!BBS or some 
other software. If that is working, I maybe move it over to an Raspberry 
3 to save some bugs for electrical power... ;)

On Linux side you can use Husky as tosser, GoldEd as editor and 
binkd/qico as mailer, whereas qico seems to be the better choice for me 
(supporting both EMSI and binkp) whereas binkd only provides binkp 

Ingo Juergensmann

AmigaXess Fidonet Node at 2:2452/413

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