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Fri Jan 29 12:01:00 UTC 2016

fed to LAPDm at all. So when you get a L2 packet from L1, instead of
blindly feeding it to LAPDm, you should check a LPD handler table to
know who to feed it to, and for normal channels there would only be
handler for LAPDm and for CBCH channel there would be no LAPDm handler
and only a LPD=01 handler.

> In the future, we can also add the BTS-side implementation.  I don't
> think they can share much code,

If they can't share code, then, I would make sure to mark the method
to be 'ms' side so as to keep the namespace clear.
Also, I would stick to the convention we used for sms and name it
something like gsm412_ms_entity (and same for the methods)

> but it might make sense to have both in the same place.

That's not really the policy we used so far. Only shared code goes to
If it ever comes a time where we need it in another project, it'll
still be time to move it there then.

> I can spin a patch series directly on top of osmocom-bb, but the
> testcases will probably not make it.

Why ?  layer23 is auto-tools based as well, copying the test suite
stuff from libosmocore shouldn't be too hard.



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