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Fri Jan 29 12:01:00 UTC 2016

patience" is a really good guess.

Let me explain how this works: In Shenzhen there is a huge electronics
area. Thousands of shops and companies, hundreds of thousands of people
working and trading there.

I have a small collection of pictures so you get the idea...
(this stretches over an area of at least 1x1 km, with dozens of 8+ level
buildings, some higher like the 70-floor office tower :-))

Basically you can walk up to any PCB shop (there are at least 50 I would
say). I went to one I used before with 2 Sciphone Dream G2 boards,
and they accepted the job for 600 RMB (=ca. 90 USD). I got the pictures
4 days later. I got them as .bmp files, then I did some post-processing
to make nice horizontally aligned, contrast-enriched PNGs out of them,
and a big PDF too to easily flip through the layers (PDF readers tend
to be quite powerful and efficient in scaling and flipping, so this
seems to work well).

I am not an electronics guy, so I need feedback to do this kind of
work better in the future. For example, I don't know the exact names
of the layers. Can someone who knows what they are add subtitles
to the wiki? Copper layer, ground layer, via, whatever? (I just don't
know...) Or reply here and I'll annotate the wiki.
Anything else I should do to make this better next time?

This is all background info I have, one day I will convince them to
let me take some pictures of the actual work :-)

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