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Fri Jan 29 12:01:00 UTC 2016

or 6225 CPUs (need to look for documentation):

--- MT6225BA
TianShiDa TS822

--- MT6225/6225A
CECT 388
CECT 2618

ChangHong 868
ChuangWei T508
DaXian X889
DaXian X769
GaoXinQi D808
Hantai HT622
Hantai HT6868
JingLi H9 (some H9 also have MT6226)
JinPeng A918
JinPeng 858
JinPeng A9
JinPeng S3506
JinPeng 2298
JinPeng L818
JinPeng A608
TianYu D170
TianYu B898
TianYu A930
TianYu B926
TianYu A908
ZTC 6988
ZTC 598
ZTC 1118
ZTE ZT688 (note MT6205 versions also exist)

--- MT6223PA
TianYu B5010
CECT D1088

Next steps for me: Scan the schematics stuff and put it online. Find some
6223/6225 based phones that are cheap & suitable for hacking, i.e. ideally
with some nice test points or JTAG.
Other common MTK chips are 6205, 6217, 6218, 6219, 6226, 6228.

One word of caution - the above lists, and documentation we start digging
up, may give a false impression of predictability. In reality the brand
names and model numbers are a total mess in China. Typos everywhere. All
sorts of things are printed on cases & boxes, chips are changed without
anybody noticing or caring. There are endless smaller Chinese brands making
phones with 6223 or 6225 chips, but I think it will be very hard to use
them as a stable source, to get phones with the same chips over time. So
I think it's better to focus on the somewhat bigger Chinese brands as
listed above.


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