Vitelcom TSM30 source code

Michael Sokolov msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Wed Oct 12 06:56:56 CEST 2011

R M <rm.engineer84 at> wrote:

> I am looking for Vitelcom TSM30 source code. I tried searching for it
> in Google. I am not able to find it.

I have already helped the OP out off-list.

In case anyone else is looking for a copy of that code and all known
mirrors have been pulled: I have a copy in my possession, and I've
been meaning to put it up on my FTP server, i.e., a new public mirror
that would be completely shutdown-proof.  (I don't use clouds, I run
everything on my own physical HW in my own physical control, housed in
my own personal datacenter on my own soil which I have declared to be
my own nation with my own laws, so no one in the world can make me
take anything down.)  However, I am very very technologically-backwards,
and my current server HW/OS platform is too ancient to host a 500 MiB
blob.  (The booty is in the form of an ISO image and appears to contain
a huge Windows-based development environment in addition to the actual
source.)  For ages I've been meaning to set up an additional FTP
server on newer HW that can host such big stuff, but that progress is
very very slow-going for a bunch of personal reasons.

Because I consider it to be my fault that I still haven't followed
through with my ages-old promise of setting up that new FTP server, I
hereby attempt to make up for it somewhat by making the following
offer: if anyone would like a copy of that TSM30 source code, is not
able to find it anywhere else, and is not willing to wait however many
more months for me to set up that darned server, you can give me your
snail mail address and I'll send you a CD-R recorded from that 500 MiB
ISO image.

With the above out of the way, I happen to have some unanswered
questions about the TSM30 phone itself which I wonder if perhaps
someone in this community might have some answers to, so I've decided
to use this thread (started by someone else to whom I have no relation)
to try asking them. :-)  (And yes, I've already tried Googling quite
extensively.)  OK, here we go:

1. Would anyone happen to know the basic specs for the TSM30 phone
   from an ordinary user's perspective?  Which GSM bands does it
   support?  What kind of features does it offer?  Judging from a
   cursory bird's-eye-level look at the source code, it seems to be a
   few notches above a basic primitive phone like Mot C123, but not
   quite a smartphone either.  I realize that one can probably extract
   all the answers from the source if one were to study it for months
   on end (I had no idea it would be this huge!), but I was wondering
   if anyone already happened to know the answer.

   Basically I'm trying to decide if it would be worth my while to try
   to acquire an actual TSM30 hardware unit - which in itself seems to
   be very non-trivial.

2. Has anyone been able to find a service manual and/or schematics for
   this phone?

3. Does anyone know the hardware in the TSM30 compares against other
   Calypso-based phones, such as Mot C123, Openmoko GTA02 or the
   Leonardo reference design?  What are the similarities and

TIA a lot for any clues,

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