SIM-Max Tech's Super-SIM

Henk henk.vergonet at
Tue Mar 8 15:28:46 CET 2011

Actually comp128-2 has a 54bit Kc it seems.

246tnt at gmail.comschreef:

>> On a related note, does anyone have any SIMs for sale, implementing
>> A3/A8 with COMP128-2, still to be provisioned with its Ki or already
>> provisioned with a known Ki?
>Comp128v2 ?
>I don't think so ...
>All the cards we have use COMP128 v1, the spec for v2 have not been leaked  
>(yet ?).
>For those, you best bet is ebay, search for "super sim" / 16-in-1 / "magic  
>sim" things like that.
>Dealextreme also has some.
>If you need more quantity, you can often contact those vendor directly and  
>they'll be happy to send you a bunch.
>I myself bought a lot directly emailing the guys at

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