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Mon Mar 7 20:38:29 CET 2011

> On a related note, does anyone have any SIMs for sale, implementing
> A3/A8 with COMP128-2, still to be provisioned with its Ki or already
> provisioned with a known Ki?

Comp128v2 ?
I don't think so ...

All the cards we have use COMP128 v1, the spec for v2 have not been leaked  
(yet ?).

For those, you best bet is ebay, search for "super sim" / 16-in-1 / "magic  
sim" things like that.
Dealextreme also has some.

If you need more quantity, you can often contact those vendor directly and  
they'll be happy to send you a bunch.
I myself bought a lot directly emailing the guys at


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